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Preset Collections

Tired of wasting your money on presets that never work?

Us too! The problem is that presets by themselves aren't enough. 

All our collections include:

Built & tested by pros.

Our presets are built by pros & tested across dozens of camera & lighting conditions so they’ll work no matter what you throw at them.

Cut your editing time in half.

We’ve designed & included our workflow adjustment brushes to allow you to dramatically decrease your editing time, while getting even better results.

Perform mind blowing image touchups & effects in SECONDS

Harnessing Lightroom’s newly developed AI, we’ve developed a set of AI powered effects to allow you to pull off incredibly complex mask effects in a single click.

Editing has NEVER been so easy, or so powerful.

Learn EXACTLY how to get the look you’re going for. 

All presets come with in-depth training videos that show you how to get your photos to look the way you’ve always wanted, with free practice images to edit along.

Instantly separate your work from 95% of photographers out there. 

Presets include a bonus suite of drag & drop photoshop overlays & effect brushes to add your own secret sauce.

Everything you need to (actually) transform your photography.

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Marketing Templates

Drag & drop templates to get clients & make money

Imagine you could create professional photography business with the snap of your fingers…

Well – Your prayers have been answered.

Our brand in a box toolkits include absolutely EVERYTHING you need to launch or rebrand a successful photography business & start making money:

  • Website Design
  • Client Guides
  • Price Lists
  • Contracts
  • Email Templates
  • & More!

All the text is pre-written & designs are drag + drop.
Create your entire business in a weekend.

We get it – You probably don’t have thousands of dollars to kill on a custom web design.

Experienced graphic designers will charge between $65 to $150 per hour. Creating a full website, pricing guides, contracts etc can easily run you $5k or more.

Then you’ll STILL have to figure out what to say on all those pages! You’ll still have to figure out how to set it all up, how much to charge & a million other things.

We hired our own designers so you don’t have to, PLUS we give you all the text & other stuff you’re going to need on top.

You get the beautiful custom design, without the designer price tag.

Not a tech wizard? No problem.

We hate complex design programs that are impossible to learn.
All our templates are drag & drop so you can create beautiful designs quickly & easily.

No idea what to say? We gotchu!

Unlike most designs, all our templates come with pre written text from actual photographers (who know what works.)

We show you everything you need to know, step by step.

We get it – All this stuff can get overwhelming.

That’s why on top of all the templates & resources, we’ve created a video library that shows you EXACTLY how to get this all set up in a weekend.

No more pulling your hair out with confusing (or non existent) instructions.

Yes, it’s still going to take some time & work…

BUT everything is designed to be easy & simple, and you’ll walk away with an incredible brand you won’t believe you built yourself.

Protect your investment with a 100% money-back guarantee

Our brand in a box toolkits cos about $5000 less than a professional designer, but they’re still an investment.

As a small business owner, you want to make every dollar count – And NOTHING has the potential to impact your business as much as the way you present yourself to the world.

And to protect your investment, we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Setup your entire brand, follow the included tutorials, and we guarantee you’ll get results.

If you don’t – We’ll give you every penny back.

Build your brand & book yourself solid.

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